Appreciation from Girl Child Network

Dear Stephanie,


Greetings from Girl Child Network and the girls!! It is so nice to read the letter from you. It is our hope that you and your family are all fine.

Apologies Stephanie for taking too long time to respond to your lovely letter and its contents. I had taken a few days leave just to rest after a hectic 6 months of non-stop work. Yes, it is always a joy for me to meet you; your passion and the love for the girls in Kenya is just awesome. It makes me feel that I have a real sister out there who understands Africa and the plight of the Kenyan girls.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the contents of your website; it is amazing how you work in such difficult situation to inform people of the reality of the suffering children and communities go through!! I am amazed as to how you do all this and how you manage to share so much with the rest of the world. Keep up the good work; as Girl Child Network, we are proud to be beneficiaries of your work.

With kind regards,

Mercy Musomi
Girl Child Network